How to create a WP site from your cpanel

Welcome to another Episode of our cpanel tutorial, today I will be tutoring as usual, which is through displaying images (Screenshots) on how to go about what I will be teaching you, Like I usually said, at the end of every tutorial you should be able to get your works done easily by your self without any ones help or paying someone to do it for you.

Today I will be showing you how you can create a WordPress Blog/Website through your cpanel. Some might want to ask what cpanel is all about. Cpanel is a web hosting control panel which helps you take control and manage your website or blog.

Now let’s get to work having gotten your hosting and a domain name here are the easy ways you can create a WP site.

Fist you login to your cpanel

This is how your cpanel looks like in case you are just joining us for the first time or learning about the cpanel for the first time.

As you can see am using UnlimiHosty, which is recommended as one of the best hosting platforms, now by scrolling down. Or you can just search for the Softaculous Apps installer through the search bar where you see FIND FUNCTIONS QUICKLY BY TYPING HERE. And search for the Softaculous Apps installer, and it will pop up same is applicable to anything you are looking for on the cpanel

Now by clicking on the Softaculous Apps installer you will see various site where you can create your site, I said earlier this tutorial is for WordPress so you just move on by selecting WordPress.

After you have selected WordPress you will see the installation menu.

That is the installation menu as you can see I have already had an installation which is why you are seeing (1) under the installation. To proceed you have to click on the installation menu

By clicking on the installation menu it redirects you to a page where you will install you WordPress to your cpanel and setup your site.

Now after you have clicked on install it takes you to the page where you will set-up your site this page includes, the WordPress version you want to use, Your sites name, protocol, admin username and password etc. So when you are done with this section all you have to do is click on install and watch you Site installed.

As soon as it’s been installed it takes you to a page where you will see your dashboard URL and your home page URL.

Alright this is the end of this tutorial, I believe this will never be an issue to you in case you encounter any problems while following this step I have shown, you can drop your comments. Now go and implement what you have learnt so far…..

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