How to browse with MTN without buying data

Hello everyone, we welcome you all to today’s tutorial on how to browse with your MTN sim network for free,

So many people might be wondering how is this possible, but believe me it is very possible

This tutorial is mainly for people who uses MTN Network.

At the end of this tutorial you will be able to save more money than before, because there would be more buying of data.

So Lets get started.

Firstly you will have to go to your google play store

On your Google Play Store go to the search bar and search for “Tweakware”

After searching for it, click on install to download the app to your phone.

As you can see mine had already been installed, So its giving me a command to open it. So now after installing it go to your app’s gallery and open it.

Now follow the instructions am giving you so you wont make mistakes

When you open the app, you will see the display indicating “None Tweak” which simply means no network is connected, you should connect to a network, Now to coonect to a network click on the arrow is pointing at.

When you click on the bar where the arrow is pointing to which indicates “None Tweak” and it will give you the display below.

Now the image displayed above indicates different network type which you can connect to, but like i said earlier, this works for only “MTN” Users.

So for this to work you will connect to “New MTN Ng 0.0kb Free 2” and click on connect.

After clicking on connect you hold on to see the “VPN” mode at the top of screen, which indicates that it has connected, now you can enjoy your browsing.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, hope you enjoyed the tutorial…

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