How to permanently delete a blog from your cpanel

Hello everyone today i will be giving a tutorial with images, on how you can permanently delete your website from your cpanel.

Lets get started

Login to your cpanel

This is how your cpanel looks when you are logged in using mobile view

As you can see am using Unlimihosty and it’s one of the best hosting sever.

Now you have to locate software

Now in SOFTWARE locate the Softaculous apps installer

In Softaculous apps installer you would see this display

Click on the installations as you can see I already have 1 installation, so if you click on it you will see all the sites you have installed and the one which you want to delete permanently

the above is the display of what you will see after you have clicked on the installations and the image also display a way of deleting the site you have in mind, after you click on delete you will see this display..

By selecting the boxes it shows you want to delete the, Database, Directory, and Database User, after it will give you a display which is the final task.

By clicking on remove it indicates you have given your system a final order to delete the site.

Alright thanks for taking your time to follow this tutorial hope you enjoy and put it to work, incase you encounter any error while using this tutorial please let us know by dropping your experience in the comment thank you and stay tuned for our next tutorial.

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